• Camera Module
  • Camera Module

Camera Module


  Estimated Delivery Date: May 2020

  • If you placed an order before Feb.3:
    Were planning to dispatch your order in March 2020 accordingly.

Camera Module for Atmoph Window 2


  • Camera Module is required for the feature of Face-View Follow.
  • With the Camera Module option, Atmoph Window 2 can track the position of your face using the camera, so it knows what angle you are looking at your window from. The scenery changes accordingly, making your view look even more real, more three dimensional.
  • With the Camera Module, you can check the inside of your home even when you arent there. Want to see how your pets doing? Your smart phone can turn into a small window that allows you to glimpse inside your home when you never could, up until now.


Some of the key features have still been under developed. These features will be adding them to system updates in an ongoing process.


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