• Redesigned the details of the view on the View Store!

    We’ve redesigned the details of the view on the View Store! As we've continuously increasing the landscapes, this new page would make you to find your favorite view more easily and fun. Added to “videographer”, “tag” and “filming date”Have you ever thought who filmed the landscapes? Now, you can... View Post
  • Atmoph Window on display at “Perfume Closet part 3” pop-up store

    Perfume’s Fashion Project “Perfume Closet part 3” has just opened its first limited-time pop-up store in Tokyo, later rolling out to other cities around Japan.     See making-of footage through Atmoph Window on display at each store, and enjoy a whole new shopping experience!     【Perfume Fashi... View Post
  • “Our Users” is added to our website!

    Today, we added to new “Our Users” to our website.“Now I can see a sea or a forest when I wake up in the morning even without going to outside” “I thought that my patients would be able to enjoy their waiting time.” What if you could decorate your room with our digi... View Post